Eclectic Cookery Shared Use Commercial Kitchen
San Francisco, CA

Eclectic CookeryStarting and Maintaining a Food Business
Made Easy and Affordable

Since 1984, Eclectic Cookery has provided affordable time-shared kitchen services to our customers. Our fully equipped catering and baking facilities are the most cost efficient way to operate or start a small food business.    Read More →

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What People Are Saying

Joseph Ahearne, owner El Porteno

"El Porteno, maker of the Bay Area's Best Empanada (2010- 7X7 Magazine), started at Eclectic Cookery in 2008 with just my wife and I. El Porteno now produces and sells thousands of empanadas every week in multiple locations. Eclectic Cookery's large, well equipped time-shared commissary allowed El Porteno to start up economically and then to steadily grow our business."

Jane Hammond, Jane Hammond Events

"We've worked at Eclectic Cookery since 1988. I like the sociable atmosphere and having the large kitchen and equipment available with no maintenance worries. Paying just for the time I use works very well for me" Jane Hammond Events

Jeane-Yves Charon, Paris Delights

"Eclectic Cookery put me on the road to success. Affordable kitchen rental allowed my business to grow enough to open my own bakery in just three years."

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